Thursday, August 22, 2013


Okay, I am putting my foot down. I will not be accepting any more solicitations for anything.
Please don't invite me to parties where I need to buy stuff, ask me to tell people about your business, ask me to attend a meeting that will "change my life" or "increase income" or anything else that sounds very vague yet exciting.
Please stop asking me to attend political, religious or educational meetings for new and exciting programs or philosophies or what have you.
If I am interested in something I promise I will say so.
I like my religion, we already have a school for our kids, because we have kids we're broke and probably can't buy your cool stuff and politics give me hives. Stop.
Having said that, we would like to be shown the following: videos with pandas doing weird stuff, anything involving crazy cats and Sam is always open to attending meetings where the subject matter involves unicorns. His words.
Oh, and next person to give my cell phone or home phone to people who want to do any of the above and/or are a bit wacky will be put in friend time out with an indefinite holding time.
I'm ready to donkey kick a bear over that last bit.
**If any of you also suffer from Oversolicitation-itis you are welcome to copy and paste whatever pertains to you or you can even use this blog link and send it to people. I strongly suggest using The Bloggess' lovely response to solicitations that involves Wil Wheaton collating paper. You are welcome.**

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