Friday, August 2, 2013

Random Facebook Posts in July 2013

Things that I facebooked this week that I want to remember:

**My kids made me cranky the other day so the 5yo came down with a gift. He paid me $1.30 to be happy again. He even wrapped it in nice paper, but he didn't have any tape so he used the bandaid that was on his skinned knee. That was gross, but I appreciated the sentiment.

**Stealing my friend Lindsay's idea once again and making August a good time to find the sunshine (while the sun still shines in Idaho):
Gratitude: Hands that may be numb for a full week, but still work just the same, the mystery of the cranky baby being solved (he got his first tooth justlikethat), opening night of "A Little Princess" for Sambo and Belle and the chance they have to perform in it, Buddy turning 8 this week (the day after his birthday he woefully proclaimed, "I miss 7. It was a good year."), Xander getting a wasp bite but NOT having an allergic reaction (woo hoo, really!) and Ozzy stringing together sentences finally (thanks to his twin cousins for showing him the ropes). Oh, and my new nickname. Sparky. Don't ask. Just know I earned it.

We always have a choice on how to view our circumstances. Going to choose to be grateful there is always more RIGHT in my life than WRONG.
**I just fought a nippy Chihuahua with nothing but my headphones (I used them as a whip, Indiana Jones style), ability to bark back and nasty attitude. Guess who won? (Insert all sorts of inappropriate lady dog jokes here because, yes, I did win). Also, 4.5 miles run. Aaaaaahhhhhhh. Good day.

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