Friday, August 2, 2013

We're NOT Having an Allergic Reaction! Hooray!


It seems like every time something bites, stings or purrs at a kid they develop an allergy.

I carry epi pens now like they are going out of style. So trendy!

You can imagine my worry when Xander started screaming like he was being skinned alive last night.
He and Buddy were playing at my parent's house. They were using foam baseball bats as swords (I know, that totally sounds right when you think about those boys) and I figured since they were mostly aiming for the head that it would be fine. Then Xander starts wailing and clutching his leg.

I hurry over, totally worried that he has broken his leg somehow. He tells me something stung him, but I can't quite find the injury since he has bruises and cuts all over his legs. (Buddy gave him the big boy bike this week and there has been a multitude of flipping over the handlebar incidents and other fun disasters. Sigh.)

I finally see this puncture and swelling around it.
Took us a bit, but we figured out it was a wasp bite.

This is a totally posed picture. I told him to look like he was dying and this is what he did. Awesome.

See that bite? Ouch.

(Incidentally, if you want to calm down a kid who is freaking out for whatever reason, just get your camera. My kids instantly go into supermodel mode and will focus on posing for the camera and then whatever is upsetting them is downgraded from level red to about an orange or a yellow. I learned that with Belle. As a baby she would be screaming bloody murder and I'd pull out that camera and just like that she was all smiles. Awesome.)

We watched his bite and it has totally gone down and all up totally disappeared. He feels fine too.

This means (hopefully) that he isn't allergic to wasps! Woooooo!

I've never been more stoked about my kid being injured. Don't you judge me.

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