Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Little Princess

Wow, I'm behind at posting!

We had quite the fun summer doing new and exciting things.

This was the first year in a long time that I didn't coach any sports teams. In fact, we didn't do any organized sports at all! It was nice to have the break. I tried really hard to keep our summer super duper UNbusy.  I wanted us to be able to do different things as they came.

I also spent the summer dejunking our shops and the house. I'm getting really close to being done. We tried to come up with enough stuff for a yard sale and we couldn't come up with more than a few random things like sinks and what not and clothes the kids have outgrown. But, the clothes are going to the swap this fall so we scrapped the yard sale idea.  However, one of the things we gave away turned out to open a door for another summer activity. We have had these drawers in one of the shops since we moved in. They were huge and totally in the way. Sam talked about selling them for years but he never did pursue that idea, so, in one of my fits of decluttering I posted them for free online and within an hour someone came over to look at them. He decided they would be great for the theater he and his wife owned in Shelley. Well, I knew the owner of that theater a long time ago so I trotted out to see and, sure enough, it was my old friend Ronnie!

We talked for a bit and she casually mentioned they were holding auditions for "A Little Princess". I told her Belle had wanted to do a show and that Sam was a great actor too. A few weeks later Belle auditioned. We didn't hear anything for weeks so we figured that was the end of it. Then Ronnie emailed me about Belle and Sam being in the show! We weren't sure it would work with Sam's schedule. But, he had (has) loads of vacation to burn and Ronnie was fine with him missing a few rehearsals, so, we decided he and Sis should go for it.

Belle was cast as Ermengarde, Sara Crewe's good friend. Sam was Mr. Carrisford. He is a main adult character in this adaptation. They had a good time together. It was a fun little show too. I only got to see it once, but that was great.
Sam and Belle in their costumes after the show.
Sam with crazy eyes holding Henry.

If you are sad you missed it, don't be! A Little Princess is running the week of September 18th as an encore during Spud Days in Shelley. We are also working on bringing it to Jefferson County in late September and I think we have a spot! You'll need to come see it. I'm hoping this isn't the last show for Sam for the next decade. It was tricky to schedule it out, but worth it. I hope Belle gets to do more too. It was truly a fun thing to do. Glad we left time in the summer for it.

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