Friday, September 20, 2013

Buddy Dunking

So, we baptized Buddy.

As usual, we tried to fly in under the radar so I wouldn't have to cook food and host a party and we wouldn't make people feel obligate to drive all the way to us when it is a huge ordeal for us to return the favor. We kept to a small crew of my parents, Sam's parents and the herd. It was great.

Me with Henry. This is a rebozo Sam's mom got me from Mexigo. It is fun to wear. Henry was recovering from his first shots and he was feeling less than awesome. He pretty much hung with my dad the entire time.

Buddy, Sam and Sam's awful mustache.
I love Buddy's smile. He was so excited.

Sam showing Buddy the font and reminding him that I offered Sam five dollah to hold Buddy under a few extra seconds. (He didn't do it. Something about child cruelty. Whatever. Even Buddy was game if I paid him too.)
I'd like to take this moment to thank my adorable husband for NOT wearing one of those horrible jumpers the other dads typically wear.

My and my oldest boy child.

All went great, we were so happy Buddy decided he wanted to be baptized. The next day our first counselor called Buddy up to congratulate him on being baptized and he offered Bud the chance to sit on the stand. Now, I had known that was coming so I told him to decline and sit with me where there are snacks instead of sitting somewhere for an hour where he had to be reverent or else. Of course, when that moment came I was SO NERVOUS. Buddy was considering it, you could tell. Then he (and everyone on the stand) look at me and I shake my head and point to the seat by me. Buddy came right on down like a good boy and everyone on the stand had a good laugh. Crisis averted. Snacks for everyone!

I love my kids.

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