Sunday, September 22, 2013

Extreme Food Storage Makeover

You know how we love our food storage.

Over the years we have refined it and changed it and learned what we do and don't eat.
Last winter we gave well over half of it away because we realized we weren't eating a lot of the more processed foods and we didn't want to waste it. This was good because it opened up shelves for other food, but this also means our food storage has been lower than it ever has been and that has bothers Sam and me all year.

Now we are hitting peak canning season and we have needed to reorganize and take stock of our food storage needs. So, we spent this morning in the basement working on just that. It was awesome.

We moved shelves, cleaned things up, threw away things that were just too old or bulging (and I found a leaking can, ew) or just wasn't worth keeping. Then we organized all the empty jars we have built up over the year of eating our canned food and we put them in one spot so we can see what jars and lids we have and what jars and lids we need. I made labels for our food categories and I'll be working on a spreadsheet soon to track things.

The freezer in the basement (Or, freezer 2 of 4 if you are being picky) is pretty good. I am low on frozen baked goods, but our frozen soups, juices (all those plastic containers are oj) and frozen fruits are okay.
This is where we are hurting the most. Our pickled goods and applesauce is dangerously low. Boo! Of course, I have 3 gallon or bigger jars of fridge pickles out in the shop fridge so we are okay, but we don't have any dilly beans!
We also have pie fillings, soup bases, chili, jellies and jams and potatoes there. The bottom has jars of honey that are to far back to see, sardines and tuna fish and dehydrated milk.
Our junk food section is doing fine.
The stuff on the bottom are jars that are too old and need to be dumped. We can take a jar or two every time we go down there and dump and wash them until those shelves are empty.

Baking, seasonings and condiments. This area is low too, but that is because this stuff goes on sale around Halloween so I am biding my time.
You can see some of our water back there too. We have drinking water and sanitation water there and in some other locations. Can't have too much water!

Pasta, quinoa and olive oil. We are doing okay on pasta. Need more of the rest.
Cans of fruits, veggies and beans. This is another area that I stock up on in the late fall so I have to wait a bit longer.
The empty jars. Can you believe all these are full and we have to buy more each winter? We do a lot of canning!

This project was timed perfectly because my parents showed up with the first of many (I hope) boxes of apples tonight.
How beautiful are these?
I think I've talked Sam into not just applesauce, but apple juice too. I cannot wait.

This isn't food storage, but it is good to know how to do.
I make our laundry detergent. This is enough for 2 months, took me 10 minutes to make and cost maybe a dollar for all of it.
I fill these jugs with water (I slowly top them off). Then I add 2-3 tbsp. of borax and washing soda then 2 tbsp. of Dawn dish soap. Swirl until dissolved and then I use a cup of it for each laundry load.

I love have lots of detergent ready.

I'm very happy our food storage is nice and tidy and I can't wait to get the canned goods filled back up. Now we need to go through our other food storage spots and clean them. We have our flours, grains, sugars, salts oats and all that to clean up and organize next. Maybe next weekend, for now, I'm tired.

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