Sunday, September 1, 2013

Henry stats at 6 months!

Mr. Henry is 6 months old now!

Look at that smile!

Do you see what is in his mouth? Two little teeth!
He was a pretty easy teether with those. He whined for a day or so and the teeth were out.

He is an excellent sitter.
He also knows how to give dirty looks, see?

He is trying to crawl and if you put something just out of his reach he will stretch and scoot and inch his way to it.
He also rolls over pretty good, unless he is tired. Then he whines about it.

Pretty confident he will be the brown eyed baby in this family. I'm expecting him to be another darker haired kid, but we'll see!

Look at his button nose!
One of my friends said he must be "half bear". I think that is an accurate description.
He is a little moose of a boy. He weighs about 25lbs. Osbourne is 29lbs at 2 1/2 years old!

Just another shot of brown eyed boy.
All the kids love Henry.
I really get a kick out of seeing how much fun Ozzy has with his baby brother.
He liked to squish his face and Henry finds that hilarious.
It is fun to see them play!

We love Henry so much. I think our house just wouldn't be as fun without him. He is just a pudgy pile of happy baby. Can't wait to see what he is doing at 7 months old!

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