Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More Zoo!

We love the zoo.

We love our yearly zoo pass. Thank you Aunt Drew and Uncle Joe!

Kids ready for some animal gawking.
Proof Henry and I were there!
A lady trying to tell the kids all about this milk snake but the kids were telling her all about it instead. Children... shh!
Baby animal wearing!
Henry conked out. Poor kiddo.
People kept talking to me about my cool backpack then were a little weirded out when they saw a baby in it. Hee hee.
The traditional zoo kids on a tiger picture. That thing was HOT in the sun so it was a hurried picture this time.
We all had a good time, but at least one of us may have had too good of a time. We got home and Ozzy was asleep in the car. We woke him to come in the house and he took a few steps then laid down in the driveway and went back to sleep. That was a first!

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