Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Running Shoes!

Big day around here.

I got my second pair of devoted to running shoes.

Crazy, right?

Not really.

A friend of mine who is running about three times what I am currently running told me that every 300 miles you need to replace your running shoes. That sounded like a long time at first but then I did the math. Right now I'm running about 15 miles a week and that increases a mile or so each week. If I just stay at the mileage I'm running now I would need shoes about every 3 months!

What?! No way!

I questioned the necessity and my friend told me how the shoes are just pounded to death by all the running and you can usually feel it in your back or hips or knees or somewhere. You need new shoes or you will have crappy runs.

I kind of tried to pretend that wouldn't apply to me and just like an oil change, I would stretch it out a bit longer. (That reminds me, I need an oil change on Angelina Jolie stat.)

Then my back started aching after every run. Ouch.

So, I found a good sale and ordered shoes for me and for Sambo.

The arrived yesterday.
So pretty!

They are all bouncy to wear too! I forgot, my other running shoes felt bouncy when I first got them too!

See those bouncy, cushiony bottoms?
They feel great!

Of course, my old running shoes are still great for wearing all the time. They look great and I love them.
But, I did check the bottoms of them.
Ooh, I guess they do look worn in some areas. You can see where I put the breaks on, lol.
This part gave me a laugh!
They are flattened on the bottom! I run all the bounce right out of them!

I'm a bit sad because I love my Reeboks, but it is okay. They can still be my walk around shoes and I'm sure I'll wear another pair of Reeboks again.

These new ones are New Balance and I really love them already.

I was so eager to try them out that I went on two runs yesterday! One was my regular long run (6.5 miles!) and the other was just a half mile because I knew I would be running today and I didn't want to wear my legs out.

Sam has been working a lot and he had that injury so he is just building his running up slowly right now. I got him a new pair of shoes too and he wanted to test them and was sweet enough to let all of us go run with him. The weather was getting icky, so we hustled to the track that is close by.
I know, I look totally knock kneed!

The boys ran with us for a bit. Belle watched Oz and Henry and took these pictures.
Yes, this is a totally blurry picture of us, but we don't have any other ones so I am going to cherish this picture!

I love my new shoes! I really love running! It makes my days much better and I feel awesome. Plus, I now have a very important reason to buy new shoes every few months! Woooo!

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  1. I think discovering running is one of the best things that can happen to anyone. Your new shoes are AWESOME. But not even close to as awesome as you are, my dear. You go! (literally)