Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sam Crash

Sam was in a car wreck while on duty recently.
His car took a bit of a beating.
Pretty bad, right?

I know, kidding!

This is what his car looks like.

Poor car.
I don't know the entire story but the gist was that a senior aged gentleman rammed into Sam's car out of the blue. Then the guy backed up and drove away like it didn't happen! Sam chased him down and got him pulled over and then county officers handled the rest.

Sam tells me over and over that is was not a big deal and it didn't hurt him at all. My smart brain part of me knows he is right, but the crazy cop wife side gets stressed when stuff like this happens.

His car will hopefully be fixed soon.

Meanwhile, that other car was actually the car Sam drove for the Crazy 8 races. He painted it too.
Here are the kids with him.

Those races are really popular here. We didn't go watch, so I have no idea what it is really like, but my guess is that they go in figure eights and crash into each other a lot. Good times.

Glad I had Sam scheduled to see the chiropractor the next week!

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