Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Family that Runs Together... is Tired

Sometimes running is more fun with the entire family along for the ride.

A week or so ago Sam and I took the kids to one of the school tracks so we could get our running done and they could play.
Sam is training for (I think I am getting this right, but I may be off a bit) a summer biathalon. It is a running and shooting type thing. He has been recovering from some injuries he got over the summer so he has been walking before he runs just so he doesn't injure himself again. Ozzy decided to walk with him.
This oh-so-flattering shot of my hiney comes courtesy of Isabelle. So far it is the only picture I have of me running.

By the way, I'm currently running 4 days a week on my new training program. I do one long run a week (I am up to 6.4 miles as of this past week, so ready for my 10k, woo hoo!), a recovery run that is not short but not as long (about 4 miles is the goal), then two shorter runs (they are between 2-3.5 miles depending on if I'm doing sprints in there or not.). I was struggling to lose weight, but now I'm  steadily dropping weight again. I've officially his the place on the BMI (body mass index) that says I'm not a little chunky anymore and I've moved to the healthy weight for my height place. I'd like to tone a bit more as I go, but I'm really pretty happy at how far I've come after having Henry.

Xander ran the track too. That kid isn't a huge fan of running, but he is actually pretty good at it.

Buddy ran too. He does a good job and it is fun to talk with him while we run.

I didn't get a shot of Sis running because she was helping with Henry, but she does her runs too. She runs a little over a mile every time she runs.

Sam got stuck with Oz refusing to let him run so I had to trade him off for a bit. I think I got three miles in on this day and poor Sam only got to run two. Whoops.

Henry just watched the show and played with his toy.

There is Sis! She loves the selfies!
She also got a shot of the porta potties.
My favorite questions I've ever had regarding porta potties came via Xander. We were running the track and he asked, "mom, if there was a murderer chasing me and I ran into the toilet thing, would he still chase me in or find another kid to kill?" I'm still not sure what the correct answer would be.

One parting shot of Henry playing while we run.

I do enjoy my alone time runs, but it is nice to take the family sometimes so we can all work out together.

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