Tuesday, October 15, 2013

100 Minutes (and other exciting events)

Today was a crazy day in an awesome way.

Got my permanent crown on my tooth. It hurt. It still hurts so much. But, I know it will feel better before I know it.

Sam and my awesome niece came to visit us. She is one of the few on Sam's side who has wandered our way to say hello and it really meant so much to us. She even let me cook her dinner. I was really excited about that.

I managed to get in 2 conference calls and a city council meeting in a 2 hour period. That was tricky. First was my BB call and since I was in charge it was rather short. We didn't have a lot to talk about. Then, I hauled the kids to the city council meeting because I was appointed to the Library Board. I'm very excited about this. I hope I can help the library be more awesome than it already is. However, the meeting took longer than I expected so I took kids home and went back and they did the appointment and Sam missed it because he was getting Buddy from scouts. Ah well. During the city council meeting I had to be at my board meeting for IDVA. So, I jumped on the call and listened to it while I waited for my turn. Then as soon as that was done I ran home and got online to finish that meeting.

I was rather impressed with myself.

Those were all exciting and made me feel pretty neat, but the big milestone for today was that I ran for 100 minutes on the treadmill! Over 9 miles!

A year ago I would have told you I could never do that.
6 months ago I would have been afraid to think about it.
A month ago I would have been overwhelmed by it.
This morning I wasn't certain but I hoped I could do it.
Now I know I can.

It was awesome.

I need to remember days like this and be grateful for them on the days where I feel like I am just spinning my wheels. It was a good day.

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