Monday, October 28, 2013

Crash and Run

This running business seems to involved a lot of falling down.

It has been a long, long LONG week. Henry is getting teeth or having a mid-baby-life crisis or something and he feels that we should all not sleep. I know this will pass and it will be okay, but boy, I am tired. Plus, my tooth that got the crown won't stop hurting and while I think it is getting better, I want it to be all better now.

With all this in mind, I took a pretty easy week on running. That was kind of nice, but by Saturday I was itching for some serious mileage. Sadly, we had a super busy weekend planned so, instead I decided to take the stroller and run with Henry to Buddy's first ever Pinewood Derby!

I was so excited. Sam left with the other kids in the car and I picked up Henry and walked over to put him in the stroller... then I tripped on the front tired and oh, so very gracefully fell down! I narrowly avoided bashing Henry's head on the corner of the cement step by sacrificing my knee and elbow. I kept ahold of him and somehow managed to set him down as the rest of me crashed into the cold, hard, driveway.


Well, we went in the house for a good cry and some bandages since I had skinned my knee. Then, we decided to run anyway. It was only a mile trip.

It was actually pretty fun.

When I got there, Oz was totally losing his mind wanting to touch all the derby  stuff so I didn't get to stay. I loaded him up with Henry and we ran back home. Of course, by this time my knee was throbbing a bit so that run was less awesome. Still, worth it.

Running home.
Oz loves this stroller so much and Henry does too!
I'm a pretty big fan myself, especially now that my friend Somer gave me some great tips on how to run with it more easily.

Plus, how can you not want to run when the sidewalk is covered with crunchy leaves! I love noise running. However, now I have to pay closer attention because the sidewalks here are not so much even and I am obviously a master as finding those uneven spots with my face.

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