Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Season Changes, First Cold of the Season, Running and Fundraising and More Dental Woes

Well, fall is here.

I want to be excited about that, but I want summer to stay a little longer. I love being warm. Now I'm freezing all the time. Darn Raynauds!

So, last week it got cold very quickly. At the same time I caught a cold, either from Belle or from a piano student since several of them were sick. Sam managed to use his magical herbalist powers and kept me from moving right to pneumonia which has become the routine around here when I get a cold. I was very grateful for that because I was worried about how sick I was getting. I mean, I was sick enough to skip running for a few days! I only ran 5 miles last week total instead of about 20 miles.

To make things more fun, I got an eye infection at one point and had a swollen eye for a day or so.

But, it got even better. I was eating an almond and I broke a tooth! Aaah! It was not cool at all. I completely panicked and went over to my dentist and they had to drop everything and look it over for me because I am such a baby about dental stuff. Bless their hearts. Then they tried to schedule me, but didn't have an opening for over a month! I was freaking out quite a bit over that and so worried about the pain because tooth stuff always hurts me a lot. (Now, before you think I am too much of a wuss, know that recently I read some studies about how people with Raynauds are linked to people with Fibromyalgia in how they have way more nerve ending in places like fingers, toes and mouth and this is part of what causes the intense pain and all that good stuff when things flare. So, I actually can cry a little bit about it because the pain isn't entirely in my head. Validation!)
My dental office had mercy on me and snuck me in on Friday. I am very grateful to them. They treat me great and it really helped.

Saturday was Belle's birthday, but we'll post about that later. I was hurting pretty bad from the dental work. They were prepping me for a crown. It was all I could do to not cry all day. I pretty much hauled the kids upstairs where it is nice and quiet and we just hung out so I could do as little as possible. That was a good move.

Sunday was better. Still painful, but better. I got to play piano at church so I was very happy. Henry caught my cold, but he was nearly over it.

Today was great. It made up for last week in many ways.

Sam and I helped organize a fundraiser for our beloved Rigby library. We held a 5k run with pizza and chocolate milk for dinner for people afterwards. It was a pretty good turn out for a Monday night in crazy wind, about 40 people. Belle and Buddy wanted to run, but I had left them at home to clean up (meanest mom ever) so they hurried and did their work and I picked them up and dumped them at the race about a half mile into it. They got to run about 2.5 miles. They had a ton of fun!
Here is Buddy running for the finish! Oz ran to meet him and followed him in. Buddy loved it and he now wants to run in all the 5k runs. Zombie run is next. Maybe I will let him do it with me...

Isabelle ran too and she did awesome. She didn't let me take her picture though. Boo.

I was very impressed with one of the kids who ran. Her name is Ally and she goes to church with us. She is 11, like Belle. That girl came in 4th! She ran the entire 5k in 30 minutes and if Belle and Buddy hadn't been slowing her down as they ran with her, she would have been faster! That girl is such a sweet, focused and speedy girl! Her mom is quite a rock star too. I'm a little in awe of their entire family, awesome people.

It was a fun event and we raised about $400 for the library! Hooray!

I wish I could have run too, but that is okay. Besides, the wind was blowing and that always messes my hands up. One lady who was running thought I was being a wuss until she saw my hand go completely white and then she wanted me to go inside and take care of them!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I can get back on my running routine. I picked up running gloves recently and when I ran on Saturday I wore all my warm layers and my gloves and it was perfect.

I also have a new accessory that I got as an early birthday present from the parents:
A jogging stroller!
I know! Can you tell Oz loves it!
I took them out last week before I realized I was way too sick to run and I did 2 miles in it. The boys loved it. Oz sang and laughed and jabbered the entire time and Henry giggled and then fell asleep. I loved it, but I have to learn how to run while pushing a stroller instead of running while pumping my arms. Harder than you may think.

So, I'm not loving the fall. I know it is getting colder and I'm worried about how my hands and feet will handle running in the chill, but we'll sort it out. If not, I have a treadmill downstairs so it will all work out.

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