Saturday, November 30, 2013

Week Two of Operation Toilet Training Cat, Kids and Whatever Else Needs Teaching

Just a brief update that none of you really want.

We are in week two. We cut the first hole in the CitiKitty litterbox. Millie is going IN THE HOLE! She appears to totally get it!

We have trained the kids to go in the hobbit bathroom by placing a giant toy box in front of the upstairs bathroom.

Today marks the first day that Ozzy has been running to the bathroom, taking off his diaper and going in the potty without our help. He doesn't even tell us what he is doing, he just goes! Pretty awesome.

In a few more days we go to week three. Hoping it goes well.

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  1. I am pretty jealous! Vander turns 3 this month. We are trying to potty train but he never wants to stop what he's doing and go, even when he knows he needs to and I know he needs to. Argh!