Thursday, December 19, 2013

Buddy's First Pinewood Derby

Oh my. We have a scout in our house.

This is kind of a big deal. Sam was NOT excited about scouting at all. He did not adore his experience and didn't really want to do the scouting thing. Buddy really wanted to. I was neutral because I grew up with all sisters and didn't know jack squat about such things so I figured I'd roll with this one.

Eventually Sam decided to let Buddy try scouting out and I think it has been better than Sam expected so far. I think the jury is still out with him. As for me, this gives me leverage and I love that. When Buddy doesn't feel like cleaning his room, I just mention scouts and suddenly everything gets tidied. Quite a fun trick.

Buddy had Pinewood Derby shortly after he started going. I'll be honest, I don't get what is so neat about it, but it is apparently really neato.

I know, Xander isn't a scout, but he wants to be everything that his brother is and Sam made him a car too and everyone at the church let Xander try it out for fun. He had a blast.

Since this, Buddy earned his Bobcat. I got a pin that Buddy spent half a day trying to find the perfect place for it. It is now on my tiny wrist bag I carry quite often. I'm happy he is enjoying this and I hope it is a great thing for him. I also hope it teaches him how to do yardwork because with all these boys I need some help with that yard!

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