Sunday, December 8, 2013

Kimber's Birthday Run

You all need to understand something.

This year has been one of the best years of my life.

I could point out all sorts of specifics, but I don't wanna. I just want to say it has been such a great year.

One of the high points of course comes around every Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving and this year it was on my birthday which makes me really excited! It makes me feel like the whole world took the day off for me! (I know that isn't the case, but I like to pretend for a little bit.)

This year was also the 6th anniversary of my 29th birthday. That meant we needed to make it even more awesome.

I never have parties or anything, but I decided we were going to do a big family thing together.
So, we ran in the Feed the Hungry Run in Idaho Falls Thanksgiving morning.

Sam, my mom and the 3 big kids ran in the 5k.
I ran the 10k by myself (that is 6.2 miles in case you didn't know).
My dad watched Oz and Henry from his house because he thinks running is for squares or something like that.

It was cold cold cold and the run was packed.

We saw a few people at the run that we knew. One old friend came by and told me she was inspired to run after reading my online posts about it. This was her first 5k. She rocked it and I was honored I got to play a teeny roll in her doing something so incredible.

We were waiting nearly a half hour to start and Buddy got COLD. Of course, he refused to bring a warm coat so I was only a little sorry for him. He cried a bit, but survived and warmed up as soon as we started running.
Sam and the boys.
Me and my Sambo before the run.

Once we took off, I didn't see my mom. She was running to get a personal best time. She didn't get that, but, she did place 2nd in her age division! Pretty impressive!

(This picture is for Grandma Roy. She'll like it.)

Getting our numbers on.

One of our friends from church was there with her daughter. She and Belle ran together for a bit. She is the cutest girl and I really like her mom! Her mom is an amazing runner and really smart and talented. I love talking to her.

The boys before we started.

I have to give Xander some serious credit. He was tough as nails for  this run.

We started and Buddy was still crying over being cold and Xander was just silent, dealing with it. Then, not even a quarter mile in and he trips and falls. I thought he was done for sure. But, he picked himself up and took off running. I asked him why and he told me he wanted to win!

Xander ran so hard Sam and I were struggling to keep up with him! Buddy was right there with him. I turned off for my 10k after about a mile and a half so I wasn't there for the rest of their run, but Sam told me

Xander ran hard and fast until about 2.5 miles and then he was just DONE. Buddy kept him going. He was dragging Xander and shouting, "we never leave a man behind!" Buddy got his brother to the finish line. I love how close those boys are and how they keep each other going.

Sam got this shot of me and I love it. I think this shows how I feel when I'm running.

It was a great run for me. Cold, but awesome. I was slowed down a lot in that first mile, but I tried to make up for it after that. I passed a few people, but really, people who run a 10k are just much, much speedier than me.

However, I ran that 10k in 1 hour, 9 minutes so I'm super happy with myself. That is faster than I expected. Plus, I wasn't dead last, so win!

Sam was waiting for me at the finish line. I was so excited to see him! He ran the last bit with me which was just so great. I loved sharing this with him and the kids and my mom.

These two pictures are out of order. This is the beginning of our run. However, I don't want to tinker with them any more so they stay here.

Here is me right as Sam was joining me to finish our run.

This was so great. We may do this every year. 

The kids had a great time. Buddy was so cold, but once we got home he told us this was the best experience of his life and he wants to do it again. Belle and Xander had a blast and they have all been wearing their shirts nonstop.

I just love that we can make this a family adventure.

The rest of my birthday was so great. We ate, we hung out and we recovered from a great day.

Best birthday/Thanksgiving/Run to date!

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  1. YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!! That picture of you grinning/running really is THE BEST. I think that one should be your FB profile. I'm so glad we feel the same way about this--I love it that your three big kids ran! I recently told one of my friends that my cheeks hurt for days after my first (and only, so far) half-marathon--because I was grinning the whole time. It is such a huge feeling. I'm glad we've both discovered the running bug in our (cough, cough) thirties :)