Friday, December 6, 2013

Osbourne's Third Birthday!

Ozzy turned THREE just last week!

How did that happen?

Just yesterday he was a tiny baby and now he is this big kid who is insanely sassy, certain he is a superhero and way too fond of pulling off his shirt so he can snuggle up to any bit of skin he can find. (That last one is cute now, but he'd better knock it off before he starts dating.)

For his birthday he got to go to the chiropractor. If you think this isn't a treat, you are dead wrong. Oz LOVES the chiropractor. We can use it as a bribe around here. He trots right into the office, finds an open room and does this:
We have a great chiro too and he really digs Ozzy so it is good.

In case you are wondering why a three year old sees a chiropractor, he sees him because we all do, including the baby. I'll be the first to tell you I was not so sure about chiropractors for a long time, but after a ton of research and lots of different ideas, we took Sam to Dr. Bench January of this year to see if we could fix some serious pain he had been in for years. He was certain it was his gallbladder and that he needed it out (remember when we went gluten free and all that? Trying to save the gallbladder.) Well, turned out he broke a rib one of his many times wrestling drunks or co-workers or whatever and it didn't heal quite right. He had some back and neck issues partially because of the rib and all of it was messing him up. Dr. Bench figured it out and fixed him after 3 months. It was a miracle. Eventually we got all the kids in to see him and I even went in. He is great. Some of the kids had issues that have been fixed and some of them (and me) don't really need anything done and he tells us that and we are all happy. Oz is one who doesn't need much done, but he really enjoys going. Funny boy.

Because he loves Angry Birds, we got hi some plush dolls to throw. He loves them.

Three was also awesome because he became a big kid.
See what I mean?

Silly boy.

Really though, we talked about how big three is and how he will be able to go potty in the toilet, get rid of his binky and sleep in his own bed. Well, he got up the day after his birthday and started going potty in the toilet just like that! He has an accident here and there, but he is always trying to get to the potty when it happens so it is okay. I think he is being so good about this because he has no intentions of ever giving up the binky or his honored place in our bed. Sigh.

Happy birthday to our wacky Ozzy Bear!

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