Sunday, December 29, 2013

Towerland Christmas 2013

I love Christmas with kids.

We tried to keep it simple again. I think we did okay.

Bless our kids, they slept and let us sleep until 8am. Of course, I had given them an early gift of a bunch of Calvin and Hobbes books so the boys read those until we were ready.

Henry was the last one awake. That was crazy, he is always up early!
This is him just waking up.
Two seconds later, totally alert. I love his face.
This is my crap picture of the tree because I was rushing. Boo me.
You can see that I got everyone a comforter for their bed. There was a great sale and we all want to be warmer!
Sam (er, Santa) did the stockings this year. He cares more about them than I do and the kids loves them.
Everyone got Nerf guns! Okay, Henry got that toy on the floor. But, the kids got guns and they were so excited!
Buddy enjoying his Nerf from Santa.
Henry learning all about Christmas. We have never had a baby this old for their first Christmas. It was fun.
Belle's pink gun. I wanted it!
Sam put aftershave in the boys' stockings. My drowning in it, but they love it.
Look at Ozzy's face.
Sam got some great stuff: a Gi, new running shoes, an herb press and this drill set.
Henry didn't care what he got.

The kids got some legos, imaginext sets and a Furby. It was perfect.
Like my crazy face?

I got hats and headbands for when I run outside and freeze, running tights, socks, a running book I have wanted and some shirts. Oh, and socks, of course. I was in heaven.

Wonderful Christmas, as usual. But, happy it is over so we can move on to the new year!

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