Saturday, December 14, 2013

Towerland Christmas Cards 2013

Once again, we made our family Christmas card.

We're feeling pretty darn good about it. Took us some tie to come up with an idea we liked, but when we did, we were quite pleased.

We used some of our favorite photographers, our friends Drew and Marie.
I enjoy this picture of them.

So, I called Drew and Marie and asked them to come by in 30 minutes. Then I told Sam and the kids we were doing the family picture, gave them the theme and told them to come up with the appropriate look. Drew and Marie arrived and the magic happened. Check it.

Happy Holidays from the Towerland Zombie Apocalypse Team.

So, there it is. It made me very happy.

We got some great shots before and after so I posted them here. I don't know that explanations are even necessary, they are just plain awesome.

I will tell you this, Tower kids are ready to kill them some zombies.

There you go, dear friends. Happy holidays. Beware the Zombie Apocalypse.


  1. Your family never fails to amuse me. In a good way. It reminds me not to take myself too seriously

  2. You always have the best family pictures!