Friday, January 10, 2014

Buddy's First (Annual?) "Near Death" Experience

We had some excitement Sunday night.

It was getting on into the evening. Sam was covering a shift for someone so I was mostly just counting the minutes until he got home. It had been our first Sunday at a new time for church and Osbourne's first week in Primary so I was worn out. (Oz did better than I expected at church. This means instead of burning the church down when he found out he had to sit in a room with no toys and snacks, he simply went boneless instead and flopped onto the floor to express his dissatisfaction. Pray for his teacher at church.)

We were less than 20 minutes from Sam getting home. I was lounging on Ozzy's big boy bed while Henry played with toys and the other kids were all playing games and amusing themselves. Buddy was running around and decided to try "flying". So, he would leap over the beds all crazy and land running and turn and leap over another bed. Games like this never end well so I told him to stop. He, of course, knows everything so he told me to, "calm down" because, "I am a professional stunt devil."


I decided to let him to dumb stuff and see how it ended.

About a minute later he started wailing with a hysterical, "Oh,no... oh no. I've done it. I'm going to die!"

This sounded fairly problematic so I looked up to see what the issue was. He is standing in the middle of the room, holding out his hand. It is covered in blood. Then he shows me his other hand and it is covered in blood. My first thought is stigmata. Then I remembered I don't live in a horror movie. I ask Buddy where the blood is coming from just as I see blood oozing from the top of that giant, flat head of his.

Apparently, when the boy leapt over a bed, he stumbled on the landing and rammed head first into a desk. Awesome.

So, Buddy is becoming totally hysterical and I can't tell how bad the cut is, so I haul him down the stairs and stick his head under the shower so I can see the damage. Bud is being pretty not helpful with all the screaming. So, he is choking on water and blood and I'm trying to get him to hold still so I can wash him off and see what is happening. I finally yell over his screams to shut his mouth so I can hurry and finish washing off his head so he won't drown. He zips it and I'm able to actually clean him off.

I pull his head out and drag him over to the light.


I call Sam and tell him to come home so one of us can take Buddy for stitches.
(Sam was supposed to be off work by then anyhow, but criminals and crazy people can't tell time.)

Buddy was convinced his brains were going to leak out of his head. I think they may have already done that, hence the bed leaping.
That isn't a cut on his eye, that is blood I couldn't get cleaned off.

Check out that gash. Awesome.

So, I tell Buddy he needs stitches and he wigs out all over again. He refuses to calm down until Xander finally steps in and says that he will go with Buddy to take care of him. Then Buddy was okay and could handle the idea of getting stitches.

This picture is hilarious and sad to me. I told them to put on their brave face and this is what I got.
But, the part I liked the best what that when I said that, Xander slipped his little hand into Buddy's and kept ahold of him until they left.

About an hour later, Sam got back with Bud and X. The kid ended up with 3 staples.
He also came back much cheerier than he had been.
There's my happy Bud!

He has to get the staples out next week.

I think he learned from it as he has mentioned a few times that he did something dumb and hurt himself and now he will think before he does stuff. I'm hoping.

To keep tabs on the score, this is our first urgent care/er visit for 2014 and Buddy's first stitches/staples ever. Now we have to reset our sign that says how many days since an injury. Dangit.

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