Sunday, January 5, 2014

Going Red (Again)

I've been a little "blah" this winter.

It is cold all the time, my tan is fading and my hair is all staticky from the dryness. Blah.

I felt like doing something to brighten things up for a bit, so I decided to be a redhead for a few months.

Yesterday, while Sam was working, I snuck out to the store and got myself some hair dye.

Before: Blah Kimber
I usually go to a pro when I am doing a red color or I have Sam do it because I am not the most gifted when it comes to applying hair color.

But, the person who does my hair has a schedule that the Pope would struggle to get an appointment in and again, Sam was at work. So, I told myself to seize the frickin' day and I got busy.
It wasn't too tricky...
This is my attempt at "duck face"
Pretty sure I'm doing it wrong.

The upside to dying hair is you have to wait around for about a half hour. That gave me time to clean the bathroom and it really needed it so that was a bonus.

I got done, dried it, ran an iron through it and here is the end result:


I have yet to get an accurate picture of the color, but it is somewhere in between these two.
I feel brighter already!