Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sam Dressing Up at Church

Sam got to do something super adorable at church last Sunday.

Our primary president (the person in charge of the little kids' during church) asked Sam to dress up as someone from the scriptures and visit the kids.

Sam picked Ammon.
If you don't know the story, that's okay. I'll give you the short version and you can look it up if you want to know the actual story with all the fun details.

Ammon was a bit of a rebel. He got in trouble with an angel, was converted and decided to go out and do some good in the world. He landed in an area where he ended up serving a king as a shepherd. Turns out, some bad guys kept stealing sheep. Ammon protected the king's flock by cutting off a bunch of the bad guys arms and bringing them back to the king. This opened the door for a conversation, conversion and all sorts of cool stuff.
(Seriously, go read this yourself, I just mangled that story.)

First, we made some arms out of shirts we rolled into sleeves and gloves. That was fun.
Then, Sam burst into the classroom with a toy sword, told them the story and talked to them. It was adorable.
The kids loved the arms of course and I think his costume was pretty great (you know, sheets and blankets, we're fancy).
I had my birds eye view over behind the piano (have I mentioned how happy I am to be playing the piano in church again? I love it.), so I took a few pictures.

It was so much fun! I love when Sam does stuff like this!

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