Saturday, January 25, 2014


This is just a milestone week around here.

This week, my local babywearing group unanimously decided to unaffiliated with Babywearing International.

If you will remember, I used to serve on their board of directors. I felt like I worked hard on that board and I am proud of the work.

The parent group decided to move in a direction this week that works for them. They decided to not allow groups to loan carriers to people unless they pay for a membership. The goal is to bring in more money. That is totally fine of course. Money helps a nonprofit do all sorts of important stuff.

However, our group didn't feel right about doing that. We have tried this route before and in our community it just didn't work. On top of that, we like having carriers we can loan to people at no cost at all. It was pretty obvious that this wasn't something we could work with, so we decided to leave.

I realized something as we were leaving this group. Unaffiliating means I love my title of "Master Babywearing Educator". I thought about that a little on my run yesterday to see how sad I was. I mean, I created this title when I served on the board after all and now it is no longer mine.

Do I care?

Should I care?

Am I still a good babywearing educator without the fancy title?

Big thoughts when the focus should be on patches of ice and oncoming cars. But, I muddled through and I had a breakthrough.

I can't take a title with me when I die.

One day, when all my deeds are listed and people are speaking up for or against me, I doubt that title will matter nearly as much as what I did with the knowledge I had. I started this babywearing group 8 years ago with the sole purpose of helping my community learn to use carriers with someone in person and without spending money they didn't have. Along the way I had a business, sold the business, taught at conferences, organized a conference, was appointed to the board of a nonprofit for babywearing and got to teach hundreds of families how to used carriers.

Not much of that matters... other than the last one. That matters. Helping a family to be stronger, even in that little way matters.

I have realized something. I'm relieved to have that title off me. It wasn't doing any good. I'm so much more than a title and the mission our group here has is too important to do anything *but* give without anything being asked for in return.

Some babywearers won't quite get what I'm saying. The community has changed that way. But, the people of my tribe will get it. It's about spreading the love.

I am excited to see our unfettered group move back in that direction.

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  1. LOVE!!!! I am choosing not to re-certify also, because I can't tell someone that I won't teach them xyz, not can I fault them from wearing they baby at all (regardless of the carrier). I am glad that you are okay to not be a Master, even though it still applies, the title means little. :)