Monday, February 17, 2014

13 Year Wedding Anniversary, Holy Crap

13 years ago today I was hanging out with Sambodini trying to act all cool, but totally worrying that he wasn't going to marry me. As you probably all recall, I had reason to worry.

Don't worry, it happened.

1 year ago today I was super duper pregnant and hoping I'd be holding a baby on our wedding anniversary.

Don't worry, it didn't happen. But, then it did a few days later.

Marriage is an interesting thing. Sometimes it is really fun. Sometimes it is total misery. Sometimes it is just there in the background. No matter what, it is always a part of every aspect of my life. It is always changing and always interesting. Sam and I are always learning more about each other and teaching each other new things too. I mentioned on facebook the other day that I recently taught Sam what YOLO means. (Old people: It means Ÿou Only Live Once¨) He uses it excessively now. Yes, I regret teaching it to him. He returned the favor by explaining to me what a Mexican standoff is. (Politically correct people: Think of a scene in a movie or tv show when all the people in the scene are pointing guns at each other and back and forth and yelling to put the gun down.) Knowing that term has changed my life because I feel like I'm always in a Mexican standoff with one of the kids over something or with Sam over his frickin' shoes all over the floor and now I have a name for the emotion.

To be less silly, we really are constantly discovering things about each other. Just a minute ago I was reminding Sambo about our anniversary and mentioned that 13 is my favorite number (this is our 13th anniversary). Sam was suprised, he didn't know what my favorite number was. How have we been together this long without that? Who knows? Who cares. It is fun to be learning new things about each other.

We have had a wonderful anniversary this year. Sam lucked into being off work so we got to sleep in a little (with kids that means 7:01am) and we were able to be a little lazy. We went on a 3 mile run together (yes, we did walk a little bit so we could talk and stretch out our time together and it was awesome) and of course, tonight we were in the play together. My mom brought Belle and Buddy and I'll tell you what, Buddy laughed so hard and repeated half of the lines in the show. It was fun to listen to him.

 I'm so glad we did this show together. It has been so fun and such a stress reliever for both of us. I know it is a drive and takes a lot of time, but I feel like having this opportunity has been worth it for both of us and we have decided we are going to keep doing shows. We may have to take turns sometimes and the kids want to play too, but we'll make it work.

Well, here is to 13 exciting years. I can't wait to see how the next 13 go.

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