Saturday, February 15, 2014

Henry Potter

Have you ever seen a happier baby?

No? He is awful happy.
What is that in his hand?
It is his broom!

The last few weeks since Henry started walking constantly, he has been obsessed with my broom in the kitchen. He has actually gotten stuck in weird corners trying to cram his body into a space so he could reach the spots I hide the broom in. He shrieks like he is being scalped when we take it away too. He really loves that broom.

So, for his birthday, Sam got him his very own little broom.
He loves that thing. He carries it everywhere.
He has also learned to grin for the camera. When he is mad, if I get out the camera he will start smiling. First baby to do this since Isabelle!
This may be my favorite first birthday present ever. Henry and his broom.

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