Saturday, February 15, 2014


Boy, we've been busy around here.
Between Sam working and working and then doing Simpler stuff and teaching his self defense classes (for women, they are awesome and you should all take his 5 day course) and me teaching piano and school and then rehearsals plus our volunteer work... we have just not had tons of time.
But, we have been having fun.
Last night was opening night for "Taming of the Shrew". It went really well. I wasn't expecting it to go quite that well and I was happily surprised.
But, let me tell you about these pictures before I go on and on about the show.

 This is us at a reading of the play. Yup, we are silly.

Blocking the show. That is our friend Jeff from Pocatello (Noteworthy) days up there with Sam. It has been so much fun to have him up there with us. I have missed having friends to perform with. We need to get more of our friends doing shows with us again!

We had some rehearsals cancelled for weather and illness and other stuff and I won't lie, I have been very worried for the past week. We rehearsed every night and I was having the worst time with my final monologue. It is supposed to be over a page long and while I kinda sorta had it down when I worked it at home, I could not for the life of me get it to work onstage. I actually had my first ever total disaster during one of our dress rehearsals. I completely blanked on my line and just had to stand there like a doof. That has never ever happened to me in a show. In fact, I've only blanked on a performance one other time in my life and it was a piano recital and it was a total nightmare.

Understandably, I was really, really stressed by Thursday. I worked that line and worked it and ripped a huge chunk out of it and only left the bare bones to eliminate the chance that I would completely blow it. We had our very last dress rehearsal and I went to say that line and... it wasn't perfect, but I got through it so I was happy. That meant I would be okay in performance. Whew.

My costume for the first act. I was a pain to costume because I'm so short and all that good stuff. Dangitall. This is a fun costume to wear though. It has several pieces and part of it laces up.

 Here is another shot of it. We were still adjusting it, so it looks looser than it ended up being.
 Sam wearing part of his costume. I got him tights because the socks and sneakers just weren't period.
He gave me a good laugh after I got him his tights. He told me I needed to get another pair because they kept creeping down. Yep, welcome to tights and pantyhose! Now you know why I hate them!
 Just another shot of Sambo.
This is part of his costume for the wedding. Yes, he is supposed to look like this.

 Both of us for the wedding scene.
 Both of us during the first act.
 Now, here is opening night! This was right after Act I was over and I was getting ready to change for Act 2, therefore, quick and sloppy picture.
This is me a the beginning of the next act.

Opening night really did great. It ran so much smoother than I was expecting. The audience got so many of the jokes, I just couldn't believe it! My monologue went great and I was so happy about it. Sam was wonderful and, most importantly, we had so much fun!

I'm so happy we did this. It has been so fun to spend all this time together and go do something as just Sam and Kimber and leave behind the police stuff. Half the cast don't even know Sam is a cop and the other half couldn't care less because we live in another town. It is nice. So nice. I think we are going to keep doing shows for as long as we can. The people are great and it has just been so fun.

I'll try and get more pictures as we go. We have another show tonight so here's hoping it is even better than tonight.

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