Monday, March 17, 2014

Pictures from "Taming of the Shrew"

Don't get too excited, but I will probably be posting pictures occasionally from the show as I get copies of them.
Here are a few.

Sam applying mustache wax.
Me prepping my hair. Curls made it easier to change into the bun in the second act and with a poufy dress, I needed poufy hair so I didn't look like a pinhead.
I got an eye infection during week... two? Three? Anyhow, it got all swollen and gross and it hurt a lot!
See how pretty my eye was? It could barely open it. Luckily, Sam told me to take Benadryl and that seemed to help calm it down right before the show (that surprised me, but hey, better than doing a show with an eye swollen shut). Of course, I was also loopy from said Benadryl, however, I was told it was my best night so hey! Win!
He is so pretty.
Yeah. I don't know.

Foot photobomb.
Our Vincentio. He was so fun to talk to while we waited to go back on during the second half of the show.
Widow and her BFF. I loved these two.

Smacking a kid around.
With my stage dad and one of my state sisters. I loved these guys. Oh sheesh, I loved everyone in the show!
Nannette and Randy. They got married during the show. They are adorable!
Sam doing what he does best.
Me doing what I do best.

Don't hate us because we're beautiful.
Our Zoolander poses. I did El Tigre and he did Blue Steel.

With our buddy Jeff. This is out first day of school pose.
Still on first day of school.
This is our intestinal distress pose.
This is our pose for when we have something in our pocket and we don't want anyone to know.
Maybe I farted? I don't know.
This is when we have something in our pocket and we DO want people to know.
Sam and Jeff during the lute scene.
More lute talk.

Yep. This was a fun show. Yep, yep, yep. We'll be doing more shows if they will let us. It was so much fun.

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