Monday, March 17, 2014

Remodeling the House

We took on a huge project this past month.
Our living room and kitchen floor were beyond beat up, and we decided to put new flooring in.
We also painted all the walls.

This pictures aren't in order and I just don't feel like fixing that, so sorry.
This is the kitchen. We had a sudden rain shower in the kitchen. We were afraid a pipe had burst so Sam tore out a part of the kitchen wall. Turned out there are no pipes there so it must have been condensation. Or an angry water spirit. I vote for it being the latter.

Sam spackled the walls for painting and he cut out the linoleum that was on the walls. I think that is called coving? I don't know.

You can see how nice the living room looks here compared to the unfinished kitchen.

Here is Sam working on the flooring.
This flooring is great. It is a waterproof vinyl plank thing and it is a floating floor. It is easy to install and goes right over your subfloor or your old linoleum. It looks great too.

I taught piano like this, we the floor half finished. That was wonky, but my students were nice about it.
I also washed all my blinds. They look so much better.

Tearing out the carpet.

The boys washed the walls. They were not super happy about it, but I love having a bunch of boys to help me clean and work.
Painting the living room. Turns out the walls were actually pink! Took 2 coats of paint to get to white. Sheesh.
How I feel about remodeling. However, I love it afterwards, so it is okay.
Sam is the best floor installer ever.

We haven't put down the quarter round that will cover the wall edges yet, but we will get that done in the next few weeks.
Our finished living room. I love it.
So nice to have pictures back up. Too bad I can't hang pictures to save my life.

There you go. I love it. I will post some pictures of the kitchen when it is clean enough to photograph, so, never.

We aren't done with the bathroom and laundry room yet, but we will get them done soon and I can't wait.

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  1. LOVE the floors. They look so fancy and will be so much easier to maintain. I love our wood floors -- I whine because they require more mopping than carpet (duh), but they are overall so much easier.