Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Super Awesome Rigby Library Infographic

I am so excited about this.

We have a great infographic that is *almost* done. It is for our local library. We are running a membership drive during National Library Week and this is one of the ways we plan to get the word out.

I am actually testing it right here to see how it will look online, so humor me and ignore me for now, or you and ooh and aahh over it. My friend Andrea whipped it together and I just love it.

(Did I mention I'm on the library board now? I am having a blast and learning so much about library law and how libraries need to run and how to grow a library in this age of virtual everything. I'll tell you all about it because I love it.)

Anyhow, check this out:

(Psssst. It will actually be $24 for a family card for a year. Quite a deal for anyone outside city limits!)

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