Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter 2014

I am notoriously lazy about holidays, birthdays and the tooth fairy.
Sometimes I feel bad for my kids because they get a raw deal in those areas. I mean, I phone it in whenever I can... birthday time, great, here is $20, pick what you want on Amazon and you can open the box when it arrives. Lost a tooth? Go find the change bucket and knock yourself out.

Yes, lazy.

This Easter I was planning to be lazy, but then Amazon had a sale on eggs and candy and I really needed to justify buying 24 Cadbury eggs so I decided we needed an egg hunt.

This was already a big day because I ran that Menan Butte trail run thing. Then, I took the kids to The Lego Movie which they loved. After that, we came home, hung out with some friends and did a family egg hunt outside in the back yard.

The baskets were all colanders. Lazy mom.

Henry loved finding eggs.

This is the first year that Ozzy has really understood the awesome that is an egg hunt and I loved seeing him enjoy it.

Buddy really did not want to take pictures.
Henry pretty much focused on this egg. Then, he started eating this egg... with the shell still on. We had to remedy that quickly. Yikes.
This was Belle's last egg hunt because she turns 12 this year and will magically be too old. Poor thing. It was fun and I enjoyed it and I have hidden all the candy away for me to enjoy because I am the mom and I can. (Belle, if you know where it is, don't tell the boys and only take one Cadbury Egg every 3 days or I will never let you drink my Dew again).

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