Monday, April 28, 2014

Heart and Sole of Rigby 10k Run

This weekend I ran the Heart and Sole of Rigby. It is a local race one of my friends started and it is outstanding. She is an amazing organizer. Last year I wanted to run it, but I wasn't even able to run 2 miles when it happened, let alone a 5k.

This year, I was ready. I ran the 10k.

It was awesome.
I started by getting a pictures with friends. The two on the left (my right) are friends from church, a husband and wife team. I get to do music with her and I really am having fun getting to know her. He teaches the kids and is so nice!
The gal smiling on my (left) right is a friend from way back in jr high. This was her first 10k. It has been fun seeing her run at events!

The weather was not awesome. It was rainy and cold and I didn't want to run in it. But, I really wanted to do this run so I tried to ignore the wet cold blah.

We started faster than I have ever started. I decided I didn't care if I was last, but I did want to try to stay with a pack of people at least. I did that. I didn't take pictures because I was really focused on not stopping at all and running the entire time and getting a faster time than my last 10k (69 minutes).

I followed this gal the entire run and towards the end she started slowing. I pulled up next to her and begged her to keep up the pace so we would make it there. She obliged, bless her heart. It was so fun to run in and hear them announce my name as I finished! That was an awesome feeling (and I didn't expect to like that, but I did).

Best part, check out my time:

I have NEVER consistently run miles that fast!  NEVER!

And look! I got a sweet medal too!
It was a really fun (and soggy) run. I'm very happy I did it.
Of course, after running over 6 miles at that pace, I decided I have been coddling myself when I run outside lately. So, this morning I went for my run and did my usual 5k loop. This time I pushed myself a bit. I didn't try to run my fastest, but I tried to run faster.
I did 3 miles in about 31 minutes and the 5k in 32 minutes! One of my miles was even 9:57! For me, that is fantastic! I may end up being a little slower than molasses someday!
Okay, runner friends (and friends who aren't runners... yet), next year, plan on doing the Heart and Sole with me. You can do the 5k or the 10k and it will be great.

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  1. Beautiful post, Miss Kimber! I love it! Of course, I may be slightly (VERY) biased. :-)