Monday, April 28, 2014

Idaho Babywearers Event 2014

After my fabulous Heart and Sole 10k run, I got the kids and we went to my friend Marie's house for a lunch. I was rungry. (Yes, RUNgry and no, I wasn't clever enough to come up with that all by myself.)

We went from lunch to our big babywearing event with Idaho Babywearers. It was a ton of fun. We had 45 carriers checked out and a ton of families came.

I posted pics and they are in backwards order and I just don't care. Sorry.

Free for all time to try all the carriers.
Sam came to support us like he always does.
Some of our leaders, Corey and Jentri and their newest babywearing model!

Just one shot of our "classroom" time.
Marie and Grace.
Our leader Katie teaching about pouches.
Our leader Kristen with Corey.
Me with Henry in my favorite mei tai.

Leader groupie shot! Jentri, Kendell and me!

It was such a fun meeting!

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