Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring is Sproining 2014

I love spring in Rigby.
I say this every year and I mean it every year. I get so sick of this town in the winter with the cold and slick and blah. But, then things start to bloom and the weather gets to 40 degrees and we all put on our swimsuits because it is so exciting.

I fell in love with Rigby in the spring and every year I fall in love again. (I think.)
Henry loves the spring too!
Millie has turned into an inside/outside cat. She kills mice and birds and is currently aiming for some squirrels. I hope she gets them.

Sam has to do the yearly bike tune up and build up. The kids keep outgrowing/wearing out their bikes!

This year Sam planted a bunch of flowers in my front beds and I am so happy. I want flowers all the time this year. Bad.
We made Buddy help us with raking out the beds and he hated it. Color me unsympathetic. Time to earn your keep, kid! Do my yard work!

My flowers have been multiplying like crazy this year. I am so happy about it.

This lone flower has been around a few weeks and I hope it multiplies next year.

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