Sunday, May 11, 2014

Driving home

I know.

Why would a drive home merit any blogging?

Well, first of all, because this happened:
She was the first one down for the count.
Then the rest followed suit.

Yes, the seat belts are not perfect, calm down, Everyone is buckled and I adjusted everyone all over again about 2 seconds later.

But, this peace and quiet lasted for hours. Yes, plural. It was amazing.

On top of that, it was one of those drives where you think all the deep thoughts and lots of things become so very clear. One of the themes that ran in my head while we drove oh so peacefully home (even in the insane rainstorm that hit around Twin Falls) was that I love Rigby. I do. But, I don't love the culture. I don't love how so many locals are holding to the past with both hands and refusing to consider bringing the heritage of the past forward in order to help create a beautiful future for this city and surrounding area. I don't love the religious culture and divide and I really don't love the gender attitudes that come up over and over again. (And men, before you say, "what gender attitude? I don't see that." let me just stop and ask if you are a girl. If not, you won't see it because you don't live it. Just trust me and any other gal who tells you it is there.) I don't love knowing that if I want something cool to happen, if I see a change that needs to occur, I have to do it myself and deal with the ridicule that sometimes comes with it. I am tired of being an army of one.

Having said that last bit, I also had to think on how that has been changing lately. Suddenly other strong and passionate people are grouping together, working with me, showing me their awesome ideas and plans and being a part of making change happen and that gives me some hope that maybe, just maybe I'm nearly at the top of the Menan Butte (or whatever mountain I've been trying to climb lately) and if I keep climbing it is going to all be worth it.

There is something to be said for enduring and pushing forward and seeing things through. I feel really strongly about that.

But, then I've been thinking about how this area has a lot of people who stay past their time.  They are doing great things, important to the community or at least well known, but then it becomes time to pass their torch to another person or group and people just don't seem to know when to take a bow and exit. (Like the mashed up metaphor nightmare there? Me too!) Maybe that is where I'm at in this area. Maybe I've done some good, but it is time to wrap it up, pass it along and move on down the road.


I think about what I still want to do in my life. I think about Sam and what he wants to do. Right now he is wanting to grow and learn and expand in so many ways, but it seems like this area may have a ceiling that he has hit. If that is the case, how do we know? What do we do? Changes need to be made because if we need to grow. Sam needs to grow and be given opportunity to do more good and to serve more people.

I thought about that for a long time. Then I thought about the future. I have no idea what it could bring. Maybe a lot of the same with a few fun adventures to keep things lively. Maybe big giant changes will come and we will have amazing opportunities that we have always dreamed we could have. Maybe changes will come that we didn't expect and that are harder than we would like, but ultimately worth it.

I'll admit, I got a bit weepy thinking about all this. That is a lot to think about. But, then I realized something. All of that used to give me stress and wig Sambo out. But, I don't feel like any of that scares us anymore. We're ready for big changes of any form. We love where we live, but we need adventure and growth and if those opportunities aren't here, maybe we need to be okay with moving on. Not necessarily moving, but maybe. Not necessarily changing the usual things (house, job, etc), but maybe. Maybe we just need to be open to whatever awesome comes our way.

So, as you can see, this drive was kind of a big deal for me. Plus, it got us back home and that was pretty important too. Home is a good place to be.

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