Saturday, May 31, 2014

My First Zip

It is zip time again.

Sam has been eagerly anticipating the advent of zipline season. I have been excited too because I finally get to ride the lines!

First off, Sam is a fantastic guide.

He is also getting very good at selfies.

Our buddy Jeff is learning how to guide also. It was fun seeing him learn all about the lines.

Plus it meant I got to hang with Kristen which made me very happy.
I have to say, Sam makes zip line guiding look pretty cool. I have decided I like him in zip gear better than in police gear.

Yes, it was impressive to see how at ease he is on those lines.
This is me on one of the lines. I was afraid I would drop my camera, but I didn't.

I asked Sam to get a shot of me going down a line. I know better.
Me again. At least this one is clear.
We went back up a few days later. I got this shot in the morning before I ran. I wanted to play around on the trails up to the lines. Wow, it was a great trail run, very challenging.

Later on that day Sam had a tour and I got to go up and learn how to hook. I am super excited because I get to go up and work as a hooker (yes, they really call them that and I am beyond excited to tell people that I am a daytime hooker. Don't you judge me). It was fun to learn how to do stuff and then watch Sam do a line rescue. That is when someone gets stuck in the middle of a line and the guide has to go out and grab them and haul them back in.

Sam is pretty awesome and I am officially in love with the lines. I can flip upside down on it and I think I have the hang of hooking. Plus, they do paperwork up there and you know how I feel about paperwork.

If you haven't been up to the zip yet, you really do need to make this happen. It is totally worth the time and money. It is better than a roller coaster (or 10). Totally my new favorite thing to do.

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