Friday, May 16, 2014

Officer Tower Reads!

Sam got to do something really fun this week.

He got to read books to the kids at Story Time at the Library!

They were doing a welcome song here so he got to sing a little.

There were 4 different story time groups he got to read to on Wednesday and Thursday.

Henry approved.
The gentleman on the floor in the red is a reserve officer who was riding with Sam. He said he really likes story time. Hee hee.

After reading, Sambo showed them the car and make the siren chirp.
This may be my favorite police face on the planet.

My weird homeschooled children at their finest.
Here is a shot of Sam reading one more time.

He had a really good time and I think the kids liked it.
Something to note is that Sam decided he wanted to do this and made all the arrangements himself.
It happened to be Police Week, so that was nice for him to do it that week.

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