Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Towerland Invasion of Casa De Estrogen 2014

This was a fun itty bitty vacay.

Sambo had a training and he likes it when the herd and I come with him when he goes out of town, so I snuck out of Rigby for a full 27 hours (which, based on the flood of emails and texts I had from people needing things from me, was 27 hours too long)  and minivanned the herd to Boise to bombard my friends Katy and Eric for a night.

Our trip pic. My kids are insane.
Proof I was there.

It was 4.5 long hours in the car, but the kids did really good. Until, hour 4. Oz decided he was DONE and unbuckled, peed himself (pretty it was a vengeance pee since he gave no forewarning that a bathroom was needed) and basically raged against the mommy machine. I had to resort to my patented screeching of, "aaaaah! You don't have your seatbelt on! We're going to get in a wreck and diiieeeee!" in order to get him to sit back down and buckle up. After he had stripped to nearly naked of course. Head. Wall.

Then we hit Boise "not rush hour" (that is what Katy swears) traffic. I white knuckled it on down the road.
We finally hit Katy's neck of the woods and the most beautiful little area ever. Buddy was going on about how gorgeous it was. It was beautiful.

Knock knock...
Instant kid party.

We had so much fun.
Katy took us all swimming at the Y!

I had forgotten all the swimsuits (and my glasses and my spare contacts) at home, so we hit Target for the boys (they needed new ones this year anyhow) and Belle and I borrowed some suits from Casa de Estrogen. (I just realized you may not know what that is. That is Katy and Eric's name for their house and with 4 girls, a mom and grandma and a dad it is a pretty darn accurate name.)

 Hanging with Katy.

Just an aside here, but wow. Can I just say how impressed I am with this woman? I have known her about 10 years now and we've seen each other at our best and at our worst. We've had ups and downs as friends and I am happy she has had the patience to see this friendship through those downs because I am honored to know her. She used to live closer to where I live and I have to say, this area did not recognize the value and talent she had to offer it. That had to be constantly stressful and discouraging. Here is this amazing woman who just wanted to bloom where she was planted and the soil was not being cooperative. So... she took her bubbling cup of awesome and relocated to a place that was wise enough to see what SE Idaho was squandering and they have given her the chance to just bloom all over the place! You can see it in her face, you can see it in her family and you can feel it. It makes me happy and proud and even though I wish she lived a bit closer, after being with her in her happy place, I want her to stay in the happy place and thrive forever. Friends who didn't value Katy like they should have, go and give this gal a cyber hug and mend that fence because she is amazing and a gift to everyone who will let her be one in their life.

I'm a fan of Katy in case I didn't make that clear.

Anyhow, swimming.
The kids had fun.

 The grown ups had fun.
The short stack had fun.

Plus, Katy told me how much her Y membership cost her, all the benefits and locations and clubs and I was floored. I want that kind of thing where I live!

After all the swim fun (and the awesome walk through the Y with 9 kids in tow where one man gave us such an odd look that Katy said, "we aren't really sister wives," and I added, "well, we might be," because it was way too fun not to say such things), we returned to CdE and had a Cinco de Mayo party. The kids had a blast! Katy and Eric are moving into their house, so we met a few of their neighbors who were stopping by. That was awesome and we may have had an important experience there, but that is a story for another day.

We went to bed LATE.
Some of us slept LATE.
Some of us looked outside and fell in love with the weather, the houses and the trees (and the running paths)!

Some of us may have started looking for homes with realtor signs in their lawn.
All too soon, Katy had to take off for work.

Oh, did I not mention that she is a midwife? Yup, she catches babies! Seriously, it is such a great fit for her and she is doing amazing work. Exciting. So exciting. I got a pic before she left just in case we headed out before we saw her (that rush hour traffic had me skeered) and off she went and off we went.
But, not before the kids played for a bit longer.

The boys struggled playing in a house with all dolls and no exploding legos. Rough stuff.

I loved this note on our bed!
Off we went. I loved it at CdE and hope our hosts will let us visit again (and again and again... or maybe they can just start house hunting for us. I would be okay with that too).

Next we hit our traditional Krispy Kreme visit.


We had even more to do after! We crammed a lot of vacay into 27 hours!

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