Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Zoo Boise

We just had to hit the zoo while we were in town.
Katy had told me that with an Idaho Falls Zoo season pass, it would be about $2.50 total. Um, awesome! (Thanks, Drew and Joe for that pass, we love it so much.)

After the temple, we went to the zoo.

They had some really neat exhibits. We were there a few hours and didn't get to see everything!

The kids were amused by the animatronic dinosaurs that were all over the zoo.

Henry was rather concerned actually.
This one kept making noises that freaked Xander and Oz out a bit.
We got to see the sloth bear getting fed and we got to listen to a presentation about sloth bears. It was a lot of fun.
The kids were part of the prairie dog exhibit! That was awesome!

Xander loved the giant clamshell.
We saw a Komodo dragon.

They had the coolest stuff at the zoo.
Unfortunately, our tour was cut short when Sam texted me that he was on break. We had to scramble back to Meridian to have lunch with him and do take a quick tour of POST. That was fun for the kids, less fun for me (other than my guy, cops don't really thrill me all that much) and overall, a nice time to visit with Sambo.
I cannot wait to go back to the Boise zoo. 

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