Saturday, June 21, 2014

Opening Night for Arsenic and Old Lace

My new friend Julie got me some great pictures of the show!

I like my new friend for several reasons:
1. She is super cool.
2. She didn't punch me after seeing me flirt with her husband in the play.

That was nice of her. There are more reasons I like her, but those two are pretty important ones.

A little about the show for all of you. It is about two sweet little old ladies who murder lonely old men as a "charity". Their nephew finds out and hijinks ensue. I play Elaine. I am a minister's daughter and the fiancée of Mortimer, the nephew. It is a really fun part. I have loved just being silly onstage. It was fun torturing Tim (he plays Mortimer) a bit at first too because he had to hug on me while Sam was just hanging out onstage. I think the heat Sam is always packing made him a little nervous, hee hee. But, he's mellowed out now and is absolutely fabulous to play off of. I really hope I get to do more shows with him.

Tim and I have a lot of physical humor that we have thrown into our scenes and I love it. He is tall and I'm bite sized, so we have used that to our advantage a lot. I love this last picture! We have a bit where he throws me over his shoulder to haul me out of the house and the phone rings, so he takes me with him. One night he ad libbed that I was really heavy and I, of course reacted to that and the audience LOVED it. We've kept it in and it is a really fun bit.

Sam has been busy playing TWO parts!
He plays my father at first (that isn't weird) and then he play Dr. Einstein for the rest of the show. He has an accent for that part. He and the actor he is mostly working with have a habit of riffing off each other and that is really funny to listen too.
Here is Sam in the beginning with that scary wig on.
Then Sam as Dr. Einstein.

I love doing shows at The Virginia so much. I love the people, I love the theater. I hope we get to do another show there this year because this has been a wonderful hobby to pick up again.

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