Sunday, June 22, 2014

Taking the Herd on the Zip 2014

We decided to take the entire herd out onto the zipline a week or so back.

The kids were really excited. Heck, I was really excited! I have grown quite fond of the zipline.

Look at Henry all cute in his gear!

Sam practiced swinging him in his harness and he loved it! Of course, this was a few feet off the ground.
We went up with our other family, the Sickingers. You know, they were our first police family friends and I hope we'll still be pals when Sam and Caleb are still bald and Lynne and I are still dying our hair.

Belle was giddy with excitement.

Another group pic.
Me with Henry on the way up to the first line.
Sam and Caleb getting ready to party and all the boys plus Brinlee.

Our group pic. We look so Mormon. Hee hee.
Here is Sam getting Henry ready to ride the line. Enjoy the nurturing picture here, because he scared the crap outta Hanky when he sent him down the line.

So, we got everyone ready and sent the big kids down the line. They loved it! Then, we got Oz ready. He was not onboard. We thought he would ride the first one and love it. We were so wrong.
There was a lot of screaming and wailing and crying. It was not fun for Oz. Then Sam took Henry and again, we thought he would love it. Lots of babies and toddlers love it. Henry did not. I blame it on Sam's "sink or swim" approach he took on the line because when *I* took Henry on a line he wasn't nearly as freaked out and seemed to be okay with it.

Either way, as soon as a car could get us, Lynne and I went back with Brinlee (who liked its, but disliked the waiting), Ozzy, Henry, and me. Ah well.

Sam and Caleb took the rest of the kids on the rest of the lines and they loved it! Xander (who wasn't so sure last time) had a blast. Everyone had a great time. And those who didn't hopefully won't remember. Or, we'll have some serious therapy bills to pay later.

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