Sunday, July 13, 2014

Busy Saturday in Towerland

We had a pretty fantastic yesterday.
It started off a little funky, but that's okay. You see, for the first time in years, I don't have a Bountiful Basket site scheduled on Saturday. We moved to Thursday night. (That was quite an adventure this week, but, very fun too.) Of course, being the fool I am, I made mention of how fun it will be to sleep in on Saturday.
Yup, that didn't happen. Shenanigans occurred in the states I help care for with BB and I was hopping most of the day starting even earlier than I usually get up for BB. Fun!
(Really though, it is fun. I love that produce co-op.)
After the wacky, we walked up the street to the farmers market. My friend Emily created it and she has done an outstanding job.

Posing with the sign. I am very excited about this market. It is time we had one in Rigby!

Next, we had some driving to IF to do, but Angelina Jolie the Minivan has been looking rough.
Sam had mercy on me and he cleaned out the car with the help from the kids.

 I supervised.

After Angie was clean, we were off to our favorite chiropractor's office for the grand reopening!
We got to help make sure the event ran smoothly and it was a blast!
 Getting set up before people arrive.
 After 13 years, we found something Sambo didn't know about me: I am a cotton candy making WIZARD. I worked at Tauphaus Park Funland right before I went to college and I became very skilled at using a cotton candy machine. That was fun!
Sam was the hot dog man.
Poor guy, he couldn't eat them of course, but he cooked them for a few hours, hee hee!

I got to help run the dunking booth. That was a huge hit!

 It was called "Dunk the Doc", hee hee.

 Henry was all about hot dogs (and not so much cotton candy as the fluffiness freaked him out).
 The Doc got dunked. The kids all loved it!
 Right after this, Sam had a meeting for our first ever community garden here in Rigby. The Crown of Life church in town is donating a huge pile of land and through the community review, we were connected with them. Sam is using his gardening and canning skills to get it going and it is something I am thrilled. This is something he loves and we are happy to be a part of this!

(Sorry, I didn't get any good pictures. Boo me.)

Finally, we did something that makes me very happy.
We picked up our Sam's Club click n' ship (game changer around here) and filled the fridge that is in the shop with water and healthy drinks and Kimber juice.
Lots of Kimber Juice.
Those drawers are full of water too, but I didn't feel like pulling them open.
I'm hoping this keeps us from stopping at gas stations for drinks all the time.
All in all, a good day. A busy day, but a good day.

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