Sunday, July 27, 2014

Close Call

Well, today we had a close one.

We were working today and we often joke that riding the vehicle up to the first zip line is the most dangerous part of the tour and today, that was the truth. On one of the curves (slow curves), Sam was swept off the under the jeep where both his legs were run over.

I was standing on the other side of the jeep so I could see the entire thing and it was scary to put it mildly. I was about to panic and I just heard this voice tell me that the ground was soft under Sam and it was okay, so I stayed calm. Sam's training took over and he talked to the driver and kept telling her to get off him (she was so scared that she stopped driving and was parked on top of his legs for a short time).  Then, when she got off him, he climbed back up while we finished the drive.

He tried to walk it off, but one of our other guide buddies also had his cop training kick in and he sent us right down the mountain to go to the dr. I drove Sam into the urgent care with my Mama Bear instincts going into overdrive. He was in shock, but was very calm. We got there and the doctor saw us quickly.

Remarkably, he doesn't appear to have broken anything. Honestly, I can't believe it. I saw the entire thing and I can't believe he didn't break anything. There were a ton of people in that jeep. The doctor told us his concern is actually compartment syndrome and ordered Sam to go home and ice one leg in particular and to not walk for at least the next few days. He even wrote a note for him to stay home from work for a week (we'll see if Sam will actually do that). We're not super worried about compartment syndrome, but, we are paying attention because it is a serious complication with crush injuries.

All in all, Sam is a lucky guy. His guardian angels deserve a high five today.

He is pretty sore right now (okay, he is snoring right now finally) but he is refusing to take pain meds until he knows compartment syndrome isn't a concern anymore so he doesn't miss any symptoms. I have him all iced up and I am staying up for a bit to keep an eye on him.

Today was a good day. We feel really lucky.
Sad Sam face. After they cleaned up his leg he got a tetanus shot. He was not enthused over that.

His legs when we walked into the urgent care. I could not believe they weren't broken.

Now, the best part about today is now we can tell people that Sam has been run over and shot in the same day and walked away from it. How hardcore is that?

So, for the next few days Sam will be taking it easy and I'll be covering for him a bit on the mountain. The kids can take care of their dad and he can take care of himself when I am not there to take care of him. I think that is an excellent plan.

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  1. How scary! That is very cool that the Spirit told you it would be okay.