Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sam and Kimber Zipping Together

Now that the summer is really going, the zip line is super busy. Once in awhile Sam and I get to do a tour together and it is really fun.
One of our friends got these shots of us riding down one of the lines together and I really like them. I love doing things with Sam. I am so far removed from his police job (at this point neither of us want to mix our personal lives at all with it so we're good with as far a removal as possible), but I love being a part of things he enjoys, just like he loves to be a part of my special things. This has been a great way to be together  in a really fun way. It is quite a work out too!

Obviously, I am a short girl. It made it harder to learn at first, but I think I am finally figuring out how to adapt. Tippy toes are employed a lot.
Us riding down together. It is so much fun to ride with Sam. Kind of romantic, in a full harness wearing, make sure you brake before you get to the end of the line way.

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