Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Test Run for the Heise Snadger

Gang, I have to admit something.

I have a lot of ideas. Good ones, bad ones, crazy ones and silly ones.

Every so often I get a chance to try one of my ideas and it is always a thrill for me.

The morning of the 4th of July was one of those times.

About a year ago, I decided it would be so fun to have some sort of run at Heise that incorporated the ziplines. I didn't quite know how, but I knew it would rock. I spent a year thinking about it and mulling it over. This spring, my friend Kate (who is in charge of the zip) gave the green light to experimenting with it. Sam dove in with me and worked on routing and let me bounce ideas off him while he found every hole he could poke in them (I wanted that so I could pick the best ideas) and our friend Caleb threw all sorts of ideas out there too and together, I think something really cool was created.

I tested it myself a few times and it seemed good. No, not good. Awesome.

So, on the 4th, I gathered about 13 local runners of all ages and speeds, dragged them up to Heise and they were the test monkeys for this run.


We  run up the first hill to line 1.
It is steep. In fact, I don't expect most people to run up it. I only run on part of it and then I walk quickly up the rest to save my legs.
Once the runners got to the top, the guides put their gear on them (we run in the harness however) and send them down the line. From there, we run the next hill and up to the next line. Then we run past a few lines and up and down and around and up again to the towers and we zip some more. Then we run some more and then we run on the road back to the zip office.

Most of my runners categorized it as an "intermediate to advanced run".
This thrills me. I'm a nerd, I know.
See the harnesses on the runners?
A runner zipping off the tower.

Here is Sam zipping ahead with all the helmets.
We learned quickly that we need two teams of guides in order to keep ahead of the runners! Some of them were just too speedy for our guides to keep up while getting the slower runners through.
My oldest tester was in his 50's and my youngest was 11.
Everyone who did this is extremely fit. I have to say, this run is challenging enough that I wouldn't want someone who isn't capable of doing a 5k any day of the week doing this. You do get breaks with the zipping, but still, it is hard!

I feel like a lot of the fun comes from getting to run your guts out and then keep the adrenaline going with a zip ride, then running the guts out some more. It is fun and it makes me feel hardcore parkour when I do it.
Poor Caleb was hauling all the extra gear on the lines and running to keep up with the runners. One more reason we will use two teams. We don't want to exhaust the guides and that gear is heavy!

Overall, the test was a success. Now, I need to get going on marketing and we will hopefully start booking a few runs in the next month or so.

This is a project that just excites me to pieces. I love it when a plan comes together.

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