Saturday, September 13, 2014

Quick Update On Us

Boy, we have been busy busy around here. Let me try and catch you all up.

1. The biggest thing has happened around Towerland is Sam quitting his job with Rigby Police. He was offered a position at Jefferson County Sheriff's office. This means we don't need to move, but he is able to enjoy a new department with different opportunities. We've been asked certain questions a great deal, so I'll just answer them ahead of time right here. No, it wasn't a pay raise. In fact, it was a bit of a pay cut. We don't know what all he'll be doing, but right now he is patrolling and learning all the roads. Maybe he'll do other things too as he has a lot of certifications and qualifications that make him an extremely versatile deputy. No, we aren't actively looking to move anymore. Maybe we will change our mind, but for now, we are happy to stay in our house. Sam left for a lot of reasons that are his to know, but the key reason he left is because we talked together and prayed and we both felt that he needed to go somewhere else. Sam loves the citizens of Rigby and has struggled with leaving them, but based on the overwhelming support that has been showered on him from nearly every single person he has come in contact with, we know the citizens understand and are happy for him. Last week, he was given a thank you card from a family he has worked with a great deal (and has even arrested one member a few times) and it meant so much to him.

2. We went on a family vacation. I'll post pictures later. It was absolutely wonderful. Best vacation we have had.

3. I've been looking for jobs. We debated Sam being a stay at home parent and me working. I found a few opportunities that interested me and had some interviews, but ultimately, they just weren't the right fits between my schedule and pay and other random factors. I'm going to keep teaching piano for now while Sam works at JCSO, but as we find our new normal with the new job, I may look at other options.

So, that is a brief catch up in a nutshell. I have a feeling we aren't entirely settled yet, but we are closer than we were a month ago.

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