Thursday, November 13, 2014

Enroll in all the schools! (The saga continues)

I'm getting dizzy.

When we left off, Buddy was going to go to brick and mortar public school full time, Belle was going to transfer too, and Xander would be staying with me at home and virtual schooling.

Well, I was a wreck Tuesday night.

Wednesday wasn't much better. I just didn't feel totally good and I knew I had to keep pushing.

So, I did.

I talked to nearly every person at IDVA, trying to find the right solution.

We found out that if we wait 3 more weeks, Isabelle gets her high school credit and I don't want to lose that credit. We also found out that we accidentally overloaded her schedule and she has been doing overtime work. Whoops. So, we are in the process of undoing that and taking pressure off her.

Sam and I talked to Belle and she handled the change very maturely. That was a relief. But, we didn't know what we were doing, other than that we need to wait 3 weeks so we get that high school credit.

We can do that.

On top of that, we had some good talks with teachers about Belle's math. It is really challenging this year, and I am not able to help based on time and frankly, I can't math. I has the dums in math. Things are further complicated because Belle insists on doing all math in her head. She's doing complex algebra and geometry IN HER HEAD. It is killing me. She also is afraid of checking her work because she feels like she could be cheating. So, I had to really lay that out for the teachers and explain to them that they need to give her permission to making things "easy" by writing out the math (so the math impaired people like me can figure out what she is doing), and to check her work knowing she isn't doing something wrong.


So, I was feeling better, but still not great.

Then, this morning, someone called me from the district office. I had called last week when I was stressing all this and had forgotten I had left a message. I was about to tell her I didn't need any help, but, on a whim, I asked if we could dual enroll an elementary student and, we can! Easily! I happen to know the process from the IDVA side (board member perk is you get spoon fed these policies on a monthly basis), so, I called Buddy's IDVA teacher and she is frantically switching things over so he will be going to school half the day in public school and the rest of the day he will come back home and we will do history and science and something else (maybe art?) together.

I'm really happy now.

I feel incredible about this.

I get Xander and Belle to myself all morning, Buddy gets the time in the classroom that makes him happy and I still get to cover the lessons with him that he doesn't get in that schoolroom. Belle will stay ahead in her education and will sort out the dual enrolling process slowly, but surely.

I finally feel like we are balancing what our kids need to be happy today with what they need to succeed in life.

This has been a hard week, but I think it will all be worth it.


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  1. Woot! All is peaceful in the Towerland! So glad you found a solution.