Friday, January 2, 2015

Because Sometimes You Pray For Your Dog

See my dog? He has been like velcro since last night and I am very much okay with it.

You see, last night, I let Bryson out to potty before bed. He goes pretty quick and I am usually right there to open the door, but, last night one of the kids got worked up about something and Sam and I both got distracted by that, then it was bedtime and Bryson always goes upstairs to go to bed with the kids at first, so, we didn't realize we hadn't let him back in for well over an hour.

I was in a panic. We called for him, but he wasn't coming to the door. Sam bundled up and walked around outside, calling for him. You all know I don't handle cold well, but, I bundled up and got in the car and started driving all over town, hoping I would see him.

I felt so bad for being a bad dog mom and I was just in tears. As I was driving, the stress and discouragement of this entire holiday season just rained down on me (it has been less fun than usual Christmas holiday) and I just got so mad. Mad at myself, mad at mean people, mad at runny noses, coughs, and stitches, and mad at circumstances... just mad at the world.

Then, I started to pray. I had driven all over town looking for my dog and I was losing hope. It was so cold out and I was afraid of what had happened to him. So, in my angry frustrated, negative state, I prayed for God to let me find Bryson safe and sound. I flat out begged for my dog back.

Right then I reached a stop sigh. A vehicle pulled up right next to me and the guy inside rolled down his window. He asked me, "are you looking for your dog?"
I said, "yes, I am."

He rolled down his back window and Bryson was sitting in his backseat, like the good boy he is.

The guy told me Bryson wandered into his backyard, and he knew someone would be looking for him, so he decided he should drive around town and look for someone looking for a dog. He noticed me driving slowly down the road (I had noticed him driving slowly behind me a block or so back, but I was pretty focused on Bryson). He waited until I stopped, and then, well, you know the story.

I thanked him profusely, got Bryson, and, we went home. You should have seen how happy that dog was. I think he was pretty scared too and was so happy to see his people. We're very happy to see him too. I came home and told Sam what happened and he told me he had been praying too.

Because, sometimes you pray for your dog.

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