Friday, January 2, 2015

Buddy's 2nd head wound in 2014. Party Time.

So, Buddy decided to bookend the year in an extra special way.

Remember when Buddy split his skull open and had to have stitches?

This was a fun day.

Well, this past Monday, Sam and I were going down the street to visit some friends and Isabelle and Buddy were watching the kids. A few minutes after we arrived, I got a call from the kids and I jokingly answered, "who is bleeding."

Turns out, Buddy was.

Apparently, when we left, he decided to run around the house like crazy. When Belle told him to stop, he told her to be quiet, he could do what he wanted. Then... he tripped and bit a hole in his face. 


We went back home and found a bloody Buddy with an impressive hole in his face. 

 We loaded up after Buddy and Xander had one of their brother comfort hugs that they do when one of them is sad, and Sam and I took off in search of stitches.

It was quite a wait, but, good that we waited.

The doctor and nurses were impressed. Apparently, an adult had come in needing stitches for a hold in his lip too, but Buddy's was much bigger. Fancy.

So, they numbed him up.

 Sam posed with Bud while we waited for the numbing.

As one of our friends said about this pictures, "Sam is such a good dad."

I know, right?

Then, we had fun chatting it up with the doc and nurse while they sewed Buddy back together.

4 external stitches and 1 internal. The doctor debated more, but his inner injury was just total hamburger. Eeww.

It has been a gross, swollen mess, but I think he is finally starting to heal. 

I'm voting that we find a new way to ring in the new year.

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