Friday, January 2, 2015

Montana Trip this Summer (2014)

I know, I know. It is snowing! Sorry.
I've been facebooking more than blogging and I need to correct that a bit.

Anyhow, a few pictures from our trip.
 All the Roy cousins (except Ambrosia who had wandered off) who was in attendance with Grandpa Roy. We noticed we all have very similar noses.
 I went shooting for the first time.
My cousin Crystel is a very good shot, in case you were wondering. She is also my height. We are all pretty short, except the amazons in the family who are 5' 4"
The rest of us hover at 5'1"

 Wrong gun. Whoops.
 Jade doing her first photobomb. Big day.

Sam teaching me how to shoot.
If you are going to learn, it may as well be from a firearms instructor.
After my first time shooting, he told me I am a better shot than some of his former coworkers. I told him, "duh". I won't lie, I am not really into shooting at this point, but I didn't hate it. It could be fun to do more some day.

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